Consultancy to Corporate clients

Consultancy to Developers of Commercial projects

Based on our proven track record, IMMOCONSULT can assist real estate developers to invest in commercial real estate projects. This includes the following:

  • Market research on finding the appropriate plot and estimate its value based on a comprehensive analysis and data collection.
  • Conduction of pre-feasibility study in order to examine each projects viability.
  • Negotiations with land Owner and assistance on closing the deal.
  • Proposal of the best Tenant Mix of each project to maximise Project Return.
  • Leasing procedures (negotiation with tenants, assistance in legal issues, etc.).
  • Sale of the project to Investors.

Indicatively we point out some projects of clients that IMMOCONSULT directly on its staff were involved in the past:

  1. Entertainment Centers: Veso Mare (12.000sqm GLA), Escape Center (12.500sqm GLA)
  2. Lofos Edison (Residential)
  3. Large Boxes Retail Parks: Gialou project (62.000sqm GBA)
  4. Shopping Malls: The new shopping Mall behind IKEA at Kifissos Avenue (18.500sqm GLA), The Mall Athens (58.500sqm GLA)
  5. Dimand S.A. Developer:  Collaboration for the development of the following Retail Chain Stores: Aldi Hofer KG (Supermarkets), WIND (Telecommunications), Citibank (Financial Services), Toi & Moi (Women Fashion Clothing).
  6. REDS S.A.: Leasing and Sales for the Projects Gyalou (Large boxes Retail Park), Escape, Veso Mare (Entertainment Centre), Lofos Edison (Residential).

Other Developers and Construction Companies:
Real Estate Consultancy for the development of their Housing, Commercial & Logistics Projects:

  • Ektasis S.A.
  • Pasal Development S.A.
  • AVN S.A.
  • Javelin Micro S.A.
  • Kanellas Group of Companies
  • North Asset Management Llp
  • Olive Trust

Consultancy to Developers of Commercial projects
Consultancy to Residential Real estate

Consultancy to Residential Real estate

In the residential sector IMMOCONSULT offers the following services:

  • Market research in the region of the corresponding project.
  • Consultancy aiming at the maximisation of expected return and relevant to the internal design, layout equipment etc.
  • Sales strategy .
  • Sales Promotion.
  • Sales of residential properties.

Indicatevily we point out some of the projects that IMMOCONSULT’s staff were involved in the past:

  • REDS S.A. (Subsidiary of Elliniki Technodomiki Group of Companies): Lofos Edison – Pallini: 202 houses.
  • Stabilton S.A.: Projects in N. Filadelfia (68 houses) Agios Eleftherios (258 houses), Marousi (70), Peristeri (27), Agios Ioannis Rentis (157).
  • Cybarco S.A.: Projects at Zografou (101 houses), Dionisos (75 houses) Marousi, Ampelokipoi Athens (10 houses) and Cholargos (7).
  • ETERNA S.A.: 12 houses at Marousi.
  • WOODWAY S.A.: 36 houses at Glika Nera, Attiki. 
  • Sunny Home: 15 vacation homes at Paros Island.
  • Kopelouzos Real Estate, Nea Philothei, 87 houses.
  • AVN: 8 houses and 1 store at Ilisia.

Consultancy to Retail Chain Stores

IMMOCONSULT assists Retail chain stores to develop their network throughout Greece. So far IMMOCONSULT (or its colleagues at the past) has collaborated  with the dominant Retail firms operating in the Greek market:

  • Praktiker & MediaMarkt
  • Bijou Brigitte
  • WIND
  • Cosmote
  • Vodafone
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
  • Rewe Group
  • Zara
  • Santana Group
  • Calzedonia
  • Adidas
  • Oxette
  • Optic Art
  • Elite
  • Mc Donalds
  • Starbucks
  • etc.

Consultancy to Retail Chain Stores